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Demand Down for Mobiles After PM NarendraModi demonetisation rule

Demand Down for Mobiles After PM NarendraModi demonetisation rule

As Our PM NarendraModi The prime Minister Of India  Make a Declaration for not to accept currency note which denomination of 1000 and 500 Rupess old note .Which are to be made exchange with old once and to take new 2000/-Rupes.So people are engages in Banks for exchange.Now nobody is interested to shopping for a new smart phone..Retail and online sales are droped down with 80-90% this will happen till December 2016 Ending

currency demand

Public can not buy Mobiles with cash Because they only have limited cash which they get from exchanging.Most of the  purchase translation will only be don with credit card and Debit card.

Retailers are also Offering People Top Mobiles Lik e Apple iPhone7 and Smasung Galaxy S7 edge with Premium of Rupees 10,000 and 15000 exchange with 1000 and 500 rupees note exchange  which notes are band and will not be usefull for any way of purchasing any thing in the market.There is a Blacklash with income tax Departments are raids on Retail stores So the retail shop keepers have plan to close they shop in the noon day on Friday which is on Nov 10th after knowing the information about this raids.

Some of the Retailers have said that this will be only some time and again they will be same like past for demand for mobile Sales.It will be set back as earlier.As the sale is low if the people are intrested they are buying the mobiles through Debitcards,Creditcards and Cheque payments .Only some buyers only like to buy in Cash Only.


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